My 17th birthday..

hppfh..finally..I’m 17 now!!Huhuhuhu…excited, happy, but..i feel a bit of sadness, what a mixed feeling, rite??! Wah..kata orang ulang tahun ke-17 itu emang istimewa..dimana seseorang dah pantas dianggap dewasa..apa yg gw rasain sekarang..jelas seneng..tapi satu sisi yg ngrasa masih blm bisa menjadi dewasa..banyak yg harus gw lakukan, gw ubah, gw perbaiki, n gw tingkatkan.Hmm..hopefully, I can!AZA, AZA FIGHTING!
A special gift that’s given to me is….my niece was born last night! Hehehe..Cuma beda 1hari ma gw..
ga cuma itu si…keluarga n temen2 gw juga pd ngasi kado k gw..(dikasih kado…psti seneng dunk..!)..Gw ga nyangka aja, mreka pd perhatian bgd ma gw..mreka cukup ngasi ucapan “HaPpY b’DaY” aja…gw dah seneng bgd. Thanks bgd buat mreka smua..All my friends, I’m blessed 2 have you all! Muchas gracias, mi amigo!
n parents, thx 4 everything..I’m still trying so hard 2 be the best daughter I can be 4 both of u..maybe, I never say this often n up-front, I hope u both know that..I love u 4ever! Mungkin gw slalu bwt mreka kesel, marah, n gw juga mo mreka tau klo gw punya cara tersendiri untuk menyayangi mreka, gw ga ky orang lain yg bisa nunjukin kasih sayang mreka secara eksplisit..I have my way 2 show how I care so much with them..
Birthday does not mean that one is getting older
Birthday must not be always a party
Birthday means a time to be cheerful for the life that granted to us
Birthday means a session to remember the time we came to this world,
To thank for the love and cheerful that GOD had granted us until today
To remember that the sorrow is reminder and a notice to wait for the
happiness to come
My wishlists..
I hope..I can do anything better
I hope..all my dreams come true
I more tears nor regrets in my life
I hope..I’ll be the best person I can be

Wish me all d best..Amien!!! my deepest heart, I have a wish, but I’m so afraid 2 tell it..I can’t face the fact that it’s impossible 2 happen..
I wish…he’ll say “happy b’day” 2me, I know..i’m so foolish, aren’t I?
especially 4 sum1..i have some words 4 u..
Every sweet things u’ve done for me
Every nice words u’ve said to me
It’s a bless that I’ll never forget
Thank you for everything
Thanks for being the love I’ll never have
GkW..that particular sum1..
I’m not the kind of girl
Who can express herself so openly
But I’m also just an ordinary girl
that’s knowing only these three words
to say to you
나는 당신을 사랑합니다
naneun dangshinul saranghamnida


One thought on “My 17th birthday..

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