I want more holiday, please!

Time goes sooo fast, huh? 😥
I want more, more, more holiday…longer days…seems like i done nothing in my holiday…
after all the free-times, I just don’t feel ready to start my campus-life again. but, I have to face it, rite???
I think, I’m too used to holiday mood…

yes, I want more holiday…though how long I have for holiday I will never ever think that is enough. hahaha, I’m just human…never be satisfied. Ugh!
but, yeah…Alhamdulillah…at least, I can enjoy my free-times.

campus-life is coming up in 3 days…start the new semester. wow! should I feel excited?

uhm, counting down for the next holiday…5 more months I’ll be having a semester break. I have to wait for 5 months! be patient, girl!

huaaaaaa, yes I want more holiday…I don’t want to go to Depok yeeettt! I still want to stay here, with my family!

but…the reality is…I have no choice.
I have to go back to Depok…yeah!

gogogo! ayaye!


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