Having mood swings when you have your period is so effing annoying. So this is it. I’m feeling so gloomy…dwelling upon past memories…and yes, getting nostalgic about you…I still remember the last time we met, the last time we’re together, the last lunch we shared. The universe seems conspiring to remind me about us parting ways…
Right from the start, what I have done is denying, confronted the reality that it’s actually not just a pure platonic love. Yes, my life is full of denials. Such a coward, huh?

I completely deny myself of acknowledging anything about this fact. Yet, deep in my heart, I know I want you back, I want my best friend back. I want our friendship back like we had before.

But now, it seems so difficult to make it happens. to bring back us to the moment we shared as friends.

Hello, dear. How are you? I miss you.

[pardon my English. it’s so awful, isn’t it? 😦 ]

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