Hearing Heartbeats

It’s very unfortunate that the first post in December and this one (and it’s maybe the last in 2014) are about ‘saying goodbye, isn’t it? 😌
Today I finished reading the book that has attracted me since the first time I saw the title. It made my heart fluttered: “The Art of Hearing Heartbeats“. As well as the title, I love the story, the poetic words, and it has lot of wonderful quotes to share.
So here’s one of my favorite quotes from this book:


“Love has so many different faces that our imagination is not prepared to see them all. We see only what we already know. We project our own capacities–for good as well as evil–onto the other person. Then we acknowledge as love primarily those things that correspond to our own image thereof. We wish to be loved as we ourselves would love. Any other way makes us uncomfortable. We respond with doubt and suspicion. We misinterpret the signs. We do not understand the language. We accuse. We assert that the other person does not love us. But perhaps he merely loves us in some idiosyncratic way that we fail to recognize.”

– Jan Philipp Sendker, The Art of Hearing Heartbeats


Sumber gambar: toplitquotes.tumblr.com


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